A beginning…….finally……

09 Oct

I created this blog over a year ago……it was one of those days, the do-nothin’ days…I’m sure you all have those days.  I was browsing and checked out WordPress…..and before I knew it, I owned a WP blog 🙂  Now that I had my own space to rant, I’d to decide its theme, i.e. should I showcase my baked goodies here or write a travelogue, or write about healthcare.  As you can see, a decision was never made.  So, why am I here now?

An arm surgery last week has me homebound and browsing with one hand…and I stumbled on WP and our paths crossed again.  Is WP sending me a message that I should be back?  OK, I’m now on medical leave for 3-4 weeks, can type with one hand, and have all the time in the world to blog, so here I am, blogging my first post.  So, have I decided what to blog about?  I am leaning toward healthcare given our current healthcare climate in the nation.  Let us see if I succeed…..

See y’all soon.

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Posted by on October 9, 2011 in General


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