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11.11.11 – Apophenia in Healthcare

Apophenia is the urge to find meaning or a pattern in a sequence of numbers, a meaning that is non-existent.  News reports say today is an auspicious day for weddings, lottery, etc.  I didn’t get married today nor did I buy a lottery ticket, but I found some interesting news about Apophenia in Healthcare that was compiled by The Advisory Board Company, and here it is:

  • 1/1/01: Holy Cross Hospital: Dissatisfied nurses petition to remove union
  • 2/2/02: HHS releases first installment of bioterrorism preparedness funding
  • 3/3/03: After decade of heavy spending, N.Y. looks to slash Medicaid budget
  • 4/4/04: Catholic hospitals: Pope’s stance on feeding tubes may impact care
  • 5/5/05: Specialty hospital files suit against 11 insurers and hospitals
  • 6/6/06: FDA considers test to help determine when to induce labor
  • 7/7/07: Hospital aims to reduce noise levels, improve patient satisfaction
  • 8/8/08: Most Americans want health care system overhaul, survey finds
  • 9/9/09: Five things to watch for in Obama’s address to Congress
  • 10/10/10: More marketing campaigns center on ED wait times

The Advisory Board asks if we see a pattern? Do you see any pattern, if not, they think it is this:

“The more the health industry changes, the more its issues remain the same.”

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