Aniseed Braid

28 Dec

This beautiful braided aniseed bread was baked a day before Christmas, and every single crumb vanished the next day!  The recipe is courtesy of a fabulous book Warm Bread and Honey Cake – Home Baking From Around The World by Gaitri-Pagrach Chandra, a food historian who is a Guyanese Hindu of Indian ancestry, educated in North America and Europe and married into a European Jewish family.  A great book for home bakers looking for something different or seeking authentic recipes from other countries, with stories from the author’s life and a little bit of history of the bread/cake. I baked a couple of other breads and cakes, and hopefully will post them some time soon.

I followed the recipe and was rewarded with an impressive braid, fit for any party or for simple snacking. I was so tempted to pinch off a bit to taste it but didn’t want to spoil the braid, and this was a test of my will power! 

My aniseed braid waiting for the yeast to do its drama……

The recipe can be accessed here.  Here is a close-up of the braid.

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