Deciding on a Good Article Title

01 Mar

How important is the title of an article?  I would think it is important enough to catch the reader’s attention.  So, I find an article title interesting enough to click on it and read it, only to find that the title is misleading.  Had I not clicked on the link, I would not know what the main story was. That is what happened when I read the article titled, “Low-Income Adults Less Likely To Have Coverage, Regular Source of Care,”  published earlier this month by the California Healthline.

My first thought was – Do we need a study to tell us that low-income adults cannot afford to have health coverage, but I anyway clicked on the linked article.  And, was I surprised to find that the intent of the main article was not to stop at stating that low-income adults have lesser health coverage, but also that the healthcare reform could bridge those gaps!  The original article published by The Commonwealth Fund was titled, .”The Income Divide in Health Care: How the Affordable Care Act Will Help Restore Fairness to the U.S. Health System.”

Had I scrolled all the way to the end of the article, I would have found a concluding paragraph referencing the healthcare reform law.  It wasn’t intentional I think, but the online article may have lot several readers due to the misleading title.  Or perhaps, the writer thinks of the healthcare reform or Obamacare (as it popularly known) as socialized medicine!  I don’t know the answer.

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