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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (II)

I posted some pictures of my baked creations yesterday for the weekly challenge Inside.  This is my second post for the challenge, all pictures taken in NYC.  Of course, I live here and love the city, its pace, its people, its food, and the opportunities.  I have posted several pictures of the city for various challenges and some random posts.  These are all pictures taken inside busy places. The 9/11 Memorial Museum – you still feel the pain and sorrow when you walk through its doors. 

Lady Liberty’s tribute

The marvelous Grand Central Station.

Grand Central’s amazing ceiling

Grand Central Station – a different view

Looking up – Grand Central Station

This picture was taken last week when  I was in the city for a conference on the 20th floor of a building.  You can see the silhouette of chairs on the glass panes. I had a marvelous view of the Hudson River and two cruise ships in the harbor.

View of George Washington Bridge from my dining room

This is a ‘grainy’ view of the George Washington Bridge in the distance with its twinkling lights taken from inside my house.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Here is my delicious entry for this week’s Photo Challenge InsideSara’s interpretation was the inside of a French canele, and here are my baked goodies – a whole lot of nooks and crannies, nuts, fruits, quinoa, etc.  Since I love to bake but obviously cannot eat all that I bake, my friends and family enjoy a huge portion of the goodies.  Co-workers walk into my office and often ask “So, what did you bake for us?”

Prune Bread

White Sandwich Bread

Banana Nut Bread

Spiced Ginger Peach Muffin

Almond Quinoa Breakfast Cookies


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