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Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

This week the Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit is guest hosted by Strauss Louw.  Sometimes it is necessary to overexpose a frame slightly and point the lens to the sun for a bit of glare to capture that sense of a different, free, moving reality, says Strauss.  I know this now but not when I captured this picture at the South Street Seaport recently – free spirit!


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SUNDAY POST: From a Distance

Jake Sprinter’s SUNDAY POST this week is From a Distance.  Jake says “There will be very little detail visible in the shot, as it is meant to give a general impression rather than specific information.” So, here is my take on the theme.

The first picture shows the Hudson River seen from the New York side with New Jersey on the other side and George Washington Bridge looming in the distance. The second one is another view of the Hudson and the last picture is close to my house in Northern Manhattan.



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Travel theme: Silhouette

This week Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack has challenged us with Travel Theme – Silhouette.  Here is Georgie by the window….


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

This Week’s Photo Challenge is Urban.  Here is my entry – when you live in an urban living space, people adapt their environment to certain needs and vice versa – as you can see in this neighborhood park where kids from New York City’s apartments come to spend their summer afternoon, frolicking in the water and playing about.


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SUNDAY POST: Black & White

This week the theme at Jake Sprinter’s SUNDAY POST is Black & White. It is Saturday morning in New York, and the weekend is off to a rainy start and the weather outside is gloomy, with shades of gray and close to black and white.  Jake says: “Black and white as a description may be considered something of a misnomer, in that the images are not ordinarily starkly contrasted black and white, but combine black and white in a continuum producing a range of shades of gray.”

I browsed through my pictures and managed to find a few pictures for the challenge, edited some of them, but surprisingly, I have one picture that is Black and White and I did not edit it at all.  If you have visited my blog in recent months you have already met Georgie, my crazy, funny, and adorable cat. He is black and white all over and this picture was taken on a snowy morning when he was sitting by the window against a gray wall….take a look…this is one of my favorite pictures and fits Jake’s description above.



My backyard on a winter morning.

Brooklyn Bridge.

Black and White


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