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Travel Theme: Transportation

This week Ailsa’s Travel Theme at Where’s My Backpack? is Transportation.  Here are some modes of transportation right here in NYC – rickshaws and horse carriages weaving their way through the traffic in midtown.DSCN1906 DSCN1907

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SUNDAY POST : Peaceful

Jake’s Sunday Post: Peaceful is a lovely theme, and can be interpreted in so many ways. Here are some:


The pictures below show how peaceful my cat, Georgie, can be when he is asleep – and that could be anywhere, right on the table when he was a kitten (sorry, the picture is fuzzy), on the doorstep or the stool…..


And, it is also very peaceful here… at the local pet cemetery.




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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

For the bloggers who post pictures for the weekly challenges, Reflections is a repeat theme.  Back in May, Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack? began the Travel Theme with Reflections.  A few months later, Jake Sprinter’s Sunday Post was themed Reflections. And now comes the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections. I checked my collection and found a few pictures for today’s theme.




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Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Being happy is a state of the mind, but some things make us happier than others. Here are some of my happy triggers for the weekly photo challenge Happy.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

This week’s photo challenge: Near and Far is guest hosted by Brian Cooney.  Here is my take on the theme – from New York City.


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Travel theme: Leading Lines

This week Ailsa has posted the Travel Theme: Leading Lines over at her blog.  She is in the midst of an amazing cross-country adventure, first by train, and now heading back by road. How exciting – I’m envious. But, she has set me thinking and I might have to hop onto a train for a long ride, unlike the short train ride I did last week from New York Penn Station to New Jersey on the New Jersey Transit line.  The one-hour train ride is nothing exciting except for a glimpse of the ocean – I wait for that view every time I travel on NJ Transit.  I tried to take a few pictures from the train last week, and here are some of them, which seem to fit the challenge of Leading Lines.  You can see the Manhattan skyline in the second picture with the Freedom Tower looming in the distance above everything else.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth (II)

This week the Weekly Photo Challenge Growth has some great entries, and you can check them out here.

For several photo challenges, I have posted pictures of Georgie, my cat.  He is quite a character and I thought I could document his growth in a few pictures for the challenge.  He was a stray kitten and now rules the house.  He is a handful of mischief and terror all rolled into one adorable cat.

This picture was taken the day he arrived in the Fall of 2010.

A few weeks later Georgie feels totally at home!

A couple of months later

And this is  a recent picture of Georgie where he has climbed onto a high windowsill, and then next thing I hear is something crashing onto the floor, yup, he broke the blue vase.  Oh well…… 



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