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SUNDAY POST : Peaceful

Jake’s Sunday Post: Peaceful is a lovely theme, and can be interpreted in so many ways. Here are some:


The pictures below show how peaceful my cat, Georgie, can be when he is asleep – and that could be anywhere, right on the table when he was a kitten (sorry, the picture is fuzzy), on the doorstep or the stool…..


And, it is also very peaceful here… at the local pet cemetery.




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SUNDAY POST: Architecture

Here are some examples of architecture – head over to Jake Sprinter’s Sunday Post: Architecture to see other entries.


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SUNDAY POST: Wonderful

Last week I was at a conference in Manhattan, and walking down Park Avenue came upon these colorful aluminium sculptures in front of the building, The Seagram.  They are an exhibition of four monumental sculptures by the late artist John ChamberlainSoaring to a height of fifteen feet, the four playfully twisted sculptures are constructed from silver, green and copper industrial aluminum. The aluminum material has a reflective and texturized surface that respond to changes in the atmosphere, altering the overall appearance of each sculpture. Therefore, depending on the time of the day, light plays a pivotal role in adding another facet to exploring these wonders.

Jake’s Sunday Post is Wonderful, and these sculptures seem to fit the bill.


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SUNDAY POST: Delicious

I was browsing through some of the Delicious posts at Jake Sprinter’s Sunday Post, and now I’m hungry and ready for some snacking (all over again!).  Here are pictures of some delicious cooking adventures…..


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Jake’s Sunday Post is Autumn….it is too early to capture the fall colors here in New York City. The farmer’s markets are filled with root vegetables heralding the beginning of autumn, and we’ll have to wait for a few weeks before the leaves begin their drama and offer some spectacular sights.  These pictures are from my backyard taken last year.


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Jake’s Sunday Post: Morning can be interpreted as follows says Jake:

Morning may also be used in a strictly personal sense, to refer to the period immediately following waking up, irrespective of the current time of day. In this sense, morning encompasses the prerequisites for full productivity and life in public often breakfast, dressing, etc. The boundaries of such morning periods are by necessity idiosyncratic, but they are typically considered to have ended on reaching a state of full readiness for the day’s productive activity. The word morning originally referred to the sunrise but today usually refers to the period of time between 5:00 AM and 9:00 AM. Morning precedes afternoon, evening and night in the sequence of a day.

Here is my take on the theme:  One recent morning, I was walking down a street with tall buildings and noticed this little alcove and was struck by the use of space in a city of concrete and steel.  Someone had not only converted this into a green space but provided seating to people who could sit down and enjoy themselves with a newspaper and a bite, and on this morning someone was doing just that.  I wondered if this was his hidden secret spot in this massive city or was he just passing by like me and stopped to catch up on the day’s news.


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SUNDAY POST: Reflection

Jake’s challenge Reflection has some cool pictures and entries, do check it out.  Here is my entry, and according to Jake, this is specular reflection…..Specular reflection is a mirror-like reflection of light from a surface, in which light from a single incoming direction is reflected into a single outgoing direction.


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