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Lemony Brussels Sprouts with Lima Beans

The most viewed and popular post on my blog is Pan-Seared Brussels Sprouts, which I posted a few months ago.  Judging by the post stats, I guess brussels sprouts are gaining in popularity.  Do the readers make it or not, I have not a clue.  Since then, I’ve shredded the sprouts, quartered them, and roasted them.  However, today I was in the mood to try something new, and didn’t know where to begin.  I looked in the freezer for inspiration and saw some baby lima beans.  So, why not, baby lima beans and baby cabbages…


Then collected the rest of the ingredients I wanted to use.  Leeks, fresh garlic cloves, red pepper flakes, fresh lemon juice, and salt.

I used 1 cup lima beans, 2 cups brussels sprouts, one leek (coarsely chopped), one clove garlic (minced), fresh lemon juice (use how little or how much you like), red pepper flakes (a pinch is not enough for me), a little cumin seeds, and salt.

Here are the directions to lemony brussels sprouts:

  1. Trimmed and halved the brussels sprouts.  Blanched in salted boiling water for a few minutes, drained and set it aside.  Into the same boiled water I added the lima beans and cooked until done. Drained the beans and set it aside.
  2. Heated some olive oil in a skillet and added the cumin seeds, leeks and crushed garlic clove.  Also added the red pepper flakes and a little more salt.
  3. When the leek was softened, added the brussels sprouts and lima beans and tossed well.
  4. Sprinkled fresh lemon juice and served warm with fried rice.


I hope you will make this dish – it was delicious with a contrast of textures.  The crunchy sprouts, creamy lima beans and the occasional bite of a toasted cumin seed – easy and quick to prepare as well.


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Pan-Seared Brussels Sprouts

 I’m sure no one needs another recipe for brussels sprouts – they’ve been roasted, fried, stir-fried, baked, and even ended up in curries.  But, I didn’t know that enthusiastic bakers had made Brussels Sprouts Cakes……here and here.  If carrots can be baked into cakes, why not brussels sprouts I guess.  Folks either love the sprouts or hate them, I hated them not too long ago but now find them delicious when roasted or pan-seared.  I don’t know about baking cakes with the sprouts, however, if I do get so adventurous, I’ll post some pictures and let you know how it tasted.

I made these pan-seared brussels sprouts for dinner tonight and they were incredibly delicious and almost crunchy.  I first trimmed the sprouts and cut them in half.  Then, blanched the sprouts in salted boiling water for about 4-5 minutes and drained the water.  While the sprouts were simmering away, I sliced some onions and began caramelizing them in a tablespoon of oil.  When the onions were golden brown, I added the blanched brussels sprouts and continued to cook on medium heat until the sprouts were well seared, brown, and almost crunchy.  In went some red pepper flakes, stirred it all around until well mixed.  It needed a pinch more salt, and that’s it.  I know this is how I like my brussels sprouts, I hope you do like it too.


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