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Cherry Tomatoes and Red Pearl Onions

The title of the post is rather vague, isn’t it?  That’s because I’m not sure what to call these cute little baked treats….cherry tomatoes and pearl onions with a topping of gooey melting cheese.  All I know is that it vanished too quickly, long before they were cooled enough to handle.  This is not out of any recipe book or website, but the result of a handful of cherry tomatoes and red pearl onions that almost made it into a pasta salad but were saved just in time to snuggle into a 3-inch pastry shell and get a topping of cheese and dried thyme.  I had very little pepper jack cheese in the fridge, so in it went, although I wish I hadn’t munched on the rest of the cheese yesterday.

Since there wasn’t any particular recipe I was following, it was a little of this, and little of that, and instead of folding the pastry, how about piling on the tomatoes and onions and baking a kind of mini pizza….but without tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.  After a little bit of this and that, I ended up with four little tarts or something like tarts…..  What would you call these?

These went into a 375-degree oven for about 15 minutes until golden brown and the cheese was gooey.

These pictures tell the rest of the story…….


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