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Travel Theme: Edge

How did I get to the edge… entry for this week’s Travel Theme: Edge.

How did I get here?

How did I get here?




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SUNDAY POST : Peaceful

Jake’s Sunday Post: Peaceful is a lovely theme, and can be interpreted in so many ways. Here are some:


The pictures below show how peaceful my cat, Georgie, can be when he is asleep – and that could be anywhere, right on the table when he was a kitten (sorry, the picture is fuzzy), on the doorstep or the stool…..


And, it is also very peaceful here… at the local pet cemetery.




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Travel theme: Silhouette

This week Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack has challenged us with Travel Theme – Silhouette.  Here is Georgie by the window….


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth (II)

This week the Weekly Photo Challenge Growth has some great entries, and you can check them out here.

For several photo challenges, I have posted pictures of Georgie, my cat.  He is quite a character and I thought I could document his growth in a few pictures for the challenge.  He was a stray kitten and now rules the house.  He is a handful of mischief and terror all rolled into one adorable cat.

This picture was taken the day he arrived in the Fall of 2010.

A few weeks later Georgie feels totally at home!

A couple of months later

And this is  a recent picture of Georgie where he has climbed onto a high windowsill, and then next thing I hear is something crashing onto the floor, yup, he broke the blue vase.  Oh well…… 



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

This picture was taken on a recent afternoon when I let Georgie out for a while and then couldn’t find him.  I called out several times and when there was no response I thought he had gone visiting to the neighbor’s yard, and then as I turned to head indoors, there he was……sitting in the shade and daydreaming!  Georgie seemed perfect for the Weekly Challenge: Dreaming.  You can see other fabulous entries here.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

These pictures were taken the day our kitten, Georgie, came home to join the family.  The hands in the picture will give you a perspective of how tiny he was at the time.

This picture is interesting….notice how Georgie is holding the bottle with his tiny paws (his hands?)


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

Here is Georgie….indulging in the late afternoon sun….content….dreaming of dinner I guess.


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