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Travel Theme: Walls

Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Walls is up this week, and here are some walls from the NYC Subways….






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SUNDAY POST : Splendid

Splendid is the weekly theme for Jake Sprinter’s Sunday Post.  I just browsed through some awesome truly Splendid pictures and love the interpretations of bloggers.  A lot of the lovely pictures are shots of nature and rightly so, when nature offers the most splendid, breathtaking views sometimes – be it the ocean, the sun in all its glory, the flowers, and so on.  I live in New York City and we can be dumped with several feet of snow sometimes bringing life to a standstill in the city that never sleeps.  I love the first day of snow when I can still walk around and enjoy the beauty before it gets slushy and dirty and sometimes freezes making it difficult to walk.  These pictures were taken one morning after a snowstorm – and I managed to capture the splendour that snowstorms can bring along with the misery.

Despite the snow, life goes on and you can see a few cars on the highway and some folks braving the weather and going about their business for the morning.



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Sunday Post: Solid

If you haven’t visited Jake Sprinter’s blog, you are missing some cool animations – check it out here.  Jake also hosts the popular Sunday Post, and brings interesting themes each Sunday.  I always admire the wonderful posts, but haven’t posted one until now.  This is my first post to Jake’s Sunday Post.

A lot of my posts feature New York City and this is no exception.  These ‘Solid’ pictures were taken at the Columbus Circle and at the far end of New York’s famous Central Park

 This is the statue of Columbus in the centre of Columbus Circle.  The buildings behind house the famous Shops at Columbus Circle that boasts of high-end fashion and gourmet stores.

This is the USS Maine Monument in the Southwest corner of Central Park, with the Columbia Triumphant Sculpture atop the memorial.  This memorial is opposite Columbus Circle.  The following text is from Wikipedia, and gives details of the monument.

In 1913, a USS Maine Monument designed by Harold Van Buren Magonigle was completed and dedicated in New York City. Located at the southwest corner of Central Park at the Merchant’s Gate entrance to the park, the monument consists of a pylon with a fountain at its base and sculptures by Attilio Piccirilli surrounding it.[85] A sculpture group of gilded bronze figures atop the pylon represent Columbia Triumphant, her seashell chariot being drawn by three hippocampi. The bronze for this group reportedly came metal recovered from the guns of the Maine. On the park side of the monument is fixed a memorial plaque that was cast in metal salvaged from the ship.[86] It is not known how many of these plaques by sculptor Charles Keck were produced, but they can be found in many locations across the United States.

The following pictures are taken from the other sides of the monument.


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Travel Theme: Art

This is my contribution to Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Challenge, and this week the theme is Travel Art.

I was walking down a street in the Bronx recently, (Bronx is one of the five boroughs in NYC, and famous for the New York Botanical Gardens and the Bronx Zoo), and saw this little girl painting her Dad’s face. He is a street vendor and sells trinkets and jewelry.  His little girl joins him after her day at school. I was intrigued and stopped to chat. I could not resist taking a picture and so asked if I could get a picture.  He gladly agreed.

As I was leaving, the father asked if I could take just one more picture……and he smiled! 


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

This delicious milkshake is perfect on a summer day.  The cool and creamy strawberry treat was whipped up in a few minutes – a strawberry almond milkshake, topped with fresh strawberry sorbet and mint.  Enjoy!

Other great entries are here.


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